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Japan Culture-Con In Dubai Blends Tradition And Innovation On Day 2

Japan Culture-Con In Dubai Blends Tradition And Innovation On Day 2

Dubai: The second day of Japan Culture-Con unfolded at Burj Park in Dubai today (November 11), weaving together a tapestry of tradition and innovation. Attendees were treated to an array of performances and cultural discoveries that deepened their connection to Japan’s heritage.

Day 2 kicked off with J-POP performances of Magenta Rodeo and The Mode taking centre stage. Traditional dance and contemporary interpretations of classical arts also were held. Additionally, a Cosplay show took place at Japan Culture-Con.

Moreover, a Martial Arts and Sword Show and the art of tea ceremonies offered attendees the chance to learn and experience Japanese culture firsthand.

Jawaher Mohammad bin Falah, COO of Kirakuya, said: “We are thrilled to join Japan Culture-Con as the first Japanese event of its kind with this grand showcase and are proud to announce Kirakuya is participating for this event.”

Japan Culture-Con Kicks Off With Much Colour, Gaiety In Dubai

Contemporary paintings and artworks showcased Japan’s artistic scene, demonstrating that tradition and modernity can coexist, organisers said.

Culinary enthusiasts were treated to a gastronomic journey exploring the diverse flavours of Japan. Japanese food stalls Yaki Soba and Tako Yaki offered an array of delicacies. Attendees also had a hands-on experience in the process of making a Handmade Mochi.

Day 2 fostered connections and cultural exchange as attendees engaged in discussions with artists, performers, and cultural experts.

Tomorrow (November 13) promises more “special performances and surprises”, including: Singing Contests, Cosplay Show, The Mode Performance, Hero Club’s Japanese Art, Ushio Hashimoto Dragon Ball, Yoshiyuki Kimura Taiko+Shamison, Marie Ueda – Anime, Bon Odori, DPS Detective Conan, Sacred Fleramo Idie Girls performance and much more.

Tickets are available on Platinum list or 800tickets.

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